Discover the Future with MEngS Engineering! As experts in Power System Engineering, HV System Design, LV System Design, and Protection Relay Programming, we are your go-to partner for cutting-edge solutions. At MEngS, innovation is our language, and precision is our craft. Unleash the potential of your projects with our expertise, where every detail matters. From powering sustainable energy solutions to securing electrical infrastructures, MEngS Engineering is committed to excellence. Join a community of forward-thinkers and let us elevate your engineering experience. Explore the possibilities – MEngS, where your vision alligns with our expertise!

Join a community of forward-thinkers and let us elevate your engineering experience.

Explore the possibilities – MEngS, where your vision meets our expertise!

Power System Study

At MEngS, we specialise in comprehensive Power System Studies to ensure the resilience and efficiency of your electrical infrastructure. Our expert services include:

  • Load Flow and Short Circuit Study: Analysing the power flow and potential short circuit scenarios to optimise system performance.
  • Protection Coordination Study: Ensuring the seamless coordination of protective devices for enhanced system reliability.
  • Arc Flash Study: Mitigating the risks associated with arc flash incidents through in-depth analysis and preventive measures.
  • Harmonic Analysis Study: Identifying and mitigating harmonic distortions for a smoother and more efficient power system.
  • Dynamic and Transient Stability Study: Evaluating system response under dynamic conditions to maintain stability during disturbances.
  • Motor Starting Study: Optimising motor starting processes for efficiency and longevity.
  • Ferro-Resonance Mitigation Study: Identifying and mitigating the effects of ferro-resonance to prevent equipment damage.

LV System Design

At MEngS, our expertise in Low Voltage (LV) System Design extends seamlessly from the initial stages to the fine details. Our comprehensive services include:

  • SLD Preparation: We kickstart the process with a meticulously crafted Single Line Diagram (SLD), setting the foundation for your LV system.
  • Signal List Creation: Our team compiles a detailed signal list, ensuring a thorough understanding of the communication and control aspects of your system.
  • Logic Diagram Development: We translate your requirements into logical representations, providing clarity on the decision-making processes within your LV system.
  • Schematic Diagrams: Precision is paramount. Our schematic diagrams offer a detailed visual representation of the electrical connections and functionalities within your system.
  • Detail Panel Layout: We pride ourselves on creating detailed panel layouts, optimising spatial efficiency and ensuring easy accessibility, all while adhering to the highest industry standards.
  • Cable and Termination Diagram: Our expertise extends to creating comprehensive cable and termination diagrams, facilitating a smooth and error-free installation process.

At MEngS, we don’t just design LV systems; we engineer solutions tailored to your specific needs. Experience innovation, precision, and excellence in LV system design with MEngS. Your vision, our expertise — a partnership for success.

HV System Design

At MEngS, our commitment to excellence in Primary Engineering for High Voltage (HV) System Design is evident in our comprehensive range of services. From conceptualisation to detailed implementation, we offer a suite of expertise that includes:

  • Optimum Layout Design: Crafting layouts that maximise efficiency and safety, ensuring an optimal arrangement of HV components.
  • Earthing Design: Implementing robust earthing systems to guarantee safety, minimise risks, and comply with industry standards.
  • Insulation Coordination: Conducting meticulous studies to coordinate insulation systems, preventing breakdowns and ensuring the reliability of the HV system.
  • Transformer Design and Specifications: Tailoring transformer solutions to meet specific project needs, encompassing type, size, voltage ratings, and impedance.
  • Circuit Breaker and Switchgear Specifications: Providing detailed specifications for circuit breakers and switchgear components, ensuring seamless integration with the HV system.
  • Busbar System Design: Designing and configuring busbars to enhance the efficiency and reliability of power distribution. HV Cable Routing: Planning and implementing optimal routes for high voltage cables, considering efficiency, safety, and compliance.
  • Termination Diagrams: Detailing the termination points of HV cables, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the installation process.
  • Lighting System Design: Implementing lighting solutions that align with safety and visibility requirements within the HV facility.
  • Lightning Protection Study: Conducting thorough studies to design and implement effective lightning protection measures, safeguarding the HV system against potential risks.

At MEngS, our Primary Engineering services are a testament to our commitment to precision, innovation, and client satisfaction. Partner with us for a transformative HV system design experience where your vision meets our expertise.

Protection Relay Programing

At MEngS, we take pride in our expertise in Protection Relay Programming, where precision meets innovation. As IEC 61850 experts, we excel in designing and implementing protection schemes that ensure the reliability and safety of your electrical systems. Our proficiency extends across various leading manufacturers, including Siemens, ABB, GE, Alstom, Schneider, Beckwith, and SEL. Whether you’re seeking seamless integration, advanced functionality, or specialised configurations, MEngS is your trusted partner. Experience tailored solutions and unparalleled proficiency in protection relay programming with a team that transcends boundaries and works seamlessly across diverse equipment platforms. Your protection needs, our programming expertise – a partnership built on reliability and excellence.